Catering by JWU

Catering by JWU Mission Statement:

Johnson & Wales University Catering & Events Department inspires innovation in food service and empowers aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals to thrive in a dynamic global industry. Rooted in traditions of culinary artistry and hospitality, we are dedicated to fostering creativity, embracing diversity, and instilling a passion for excellence in both our student employees and professional employees. 

Catering by JWU Core Values:

Create a memorable experience.
Set team members up for success. 
Exceed customers' expectations.
Conduct ourselves professionally. 

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Who We Are

Catering & Events Department, an Auxiliary Services pillar for Johnson & Wales University. The department is proudly operated and managed by Johnson & Wales Alum, Professional and Student Team Members who curate memorable events for our clients both internal and external. 

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