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Harbor View - See you in the Fall!
Clock Tower Deli & Market - See you in the Fall!
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Our trained professional and student staff is dedicated to always providing the highest level of food quality and service.

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A variety of dining options are available across our Providence campuses.

Our students love the Boar’s Head Deli at Clock Tower; the variety of fresh offerings at the Markets – including daily sushi; and their favorite Frappuccinos, refreshing iced teas and snacks at any of our Starbucks locations.

Our "all you care to eat" locations, Snowden and Harbor View, offer home style selections, rotating cook-to-order stations and fully stocked, fresh salad bars.

Campus Dining strives to provide the high-quality foods and services that offer our students the best nutritional value available, too: The menu offerings are robust and diverse to meet the needs of our entire student body.



Guiding Principles

  • Follow the “Gold Standard” of food safety
  • Create a sense of community in the dining centers, catering to student nutritional and environmental needs
  • Adhere to a service culture orientation through staff training
  • Utilize data and established metrics for efficient financial management, including managing our value proposition, by balancing cost and quality
  • Provide a combination of self-branded and nationally branded offerings
  • Utilize “just in time” food preparation model to allow for fresh meals while adjusting to traditional high/low traffic patterns 



Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I lose my ID?
Please stop at ID Services to get a replacement as soon as you can. We won’t turn you away though - make sure you have a valid photo ID & a copy of your class schedule. Both are needed to get a meal. Please be aware you cannot use another person’s ID.
How do I change my meal plan?
If you are a resident student who want to change the meal plan selection BEFORE the year starts, contact Residential Life.
Can I bring a guest to eat with me?
Yes, you can use wildcat meals, flex dollars, cash or credit to pay for a guest to eat in any of our dining locations.
*Please be aware that Covid-19 restrictions could limit the allowance of guests in JWU buildings.
Can I take food out of the dining halls?
With the exception of our two All You Care to Eat locations, all food can be taken out the dining halls.
*Currently to limit the spread of Covid-19, every dining location offers take out.
How can I find out what is on the menu?
Our website,, posts the weekly menus for our All You Care to Eat locations - Snowden & Harbor View. You can also access them through the JWU App. Harborside Café and Clock Tower Deli’s menus are also available online.
Can I use cash for meals at the dining halls?
Yes, all of our dining halls accept cash, credit, and flex dollars. All dining locations have meal swipe options as well.
Do you have mobile apps?
We have the JWU Mobile App where you can check dining locations, hours and menus. The Get Mobile App allows you to track your meal plan, Flex dollars or add more Flex. You can also find dining locations, hours and menus!
Does dining do social media?
Of course we do! Follow us on facebook, twitter, snapchat and instagram! Use our hashtag: #JWUEats
When are the dining halls open?
Dining hall hours of operation all vary. Please refer to the directory or website to find a specific location’s hours.
What do I do if I have dietary restrictions or a special diet?
Please contact our office at 401-598-4383 or email us at
When do Flex dollars reload?
Flex dollars reload at the start of each semester.
Do meal swipes roll over into next week?
Weekly meal swipes do not roll over week to week, but Wildcat Meal Blocks purchased are good for the entire academic year.
Can I load extra money onto my Flex?
Yes, feel free to add money onto your Flex at any point. You can do so by going online to, using the Get Mobile App or contacting ID Services. Please note that it could take up to 48 hours to load onto your account.
How many swipes can I use in a day?
You are able to use up to 3 swipes per day and unlimited Flex dollars.
What happens if I run out of meal swipes or Flex dollars?
If you run out of meal swipes, you can use flex dollars, cash or credit to pay for meals. You can also purchase an additional block of meals to use for the year. If you run out of Flex dollars, you can add more using the Get App, online at or contacting ID Services. Please note that it could take up to 48 hours to load onto your account.
What are Flex dollars?
Flex dollars are just like cash. It is accepted at all our campus dining locations. Flex dollars are good through the whole semester, but do not roll over.
How do meal swipes work?
Meal swipes are available at all dining locations. One swipe gives you access to our All You Care to Eat locations - Snowden and Harbor View. All other locations have meal swipe options varied by menu and choices.
What are Wildcat Meals?
Unlike the traditional meal plan where meals are apportioned on a weekly basis, Wildcat Meals are valid for one year, from August to August. You can also use Wildcat Meals for a guest.
When do meal plans start and end during the week?
A traditional meal plan includes meals allocated on a weekly basis, from Sunday morning breakfast through Saturday evening dinner. Weekly meals will be reset before Sunday breakfast each week.
What are the different dining options available at Johnson & Wales?
We offer nine different venues that offer a variety of unique food stations across our 2 campuses, serving options such as grilled food, Starbucks, sushi and homestyle favorites.
How does my student track their balance and stay on budget?
Your student can access their account balance on the Get Mobile App. Students can use the app to monitor their meal plan so that they can stay on track with how they use their swipes and flex dollars.
What is the Get Mobile App and does my student need it?
Yes, and you should also download it! Get Mobile allows you to see in real time the balance of meal swipes and Flex dollars. There is also the ability to add money onto the student’s account. You can also view dining venue information such as hours of operation.

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What dining services will be available on campus?
All dining services will be available on campus. The fall hours are posted on our website, directory, and social media accounts. The meal plan will start on Sunday, August 16, 2020. All meal plan options will remain in effect. Packaged meals and limited seating will be offered in dining halls, as well as a mobile ordering system for select locations on campus. There will be no self-service food stations, and deep cleaning and strict safety measures in food service areas will continue.
Do I need to wear a mask to go to one of the dining halls?
Yes, all members of the Johnson & Wales community need to be wearing masks while they are in a building. Once seated in a dining hall, you are able to remove your mask.
Am I allowed to eat in the dining halls?
Yes, we have limited seating in order to keep physical distance between tables. Dine in guests will need to give name in order for us to properly contact trace.
Do you offer contactless pick up?
Yes, at some locations we are offering contactless pick up being offered through the Get App.
How many students are allowed in a location at one time?
The amount of students will vary based on the size of each location & the current state limitations.
Can commuter students/off-campus students eat on campus?
Yes, if you are a student/employee of the university you are able to eat within the dining halls.
How can I pay for items in the dining halls?
Using your meal plans, flex dollars, cash or credit are all accepted.
What food are you serving?
Menus are available online at or through the JWU App and updated weekly.
Can I order ahead of time?
Yes, at Clock Tower & Harborside Cafe you can preorder using the Get App.
What cleaning and safety measures will be put in place?
Deep cleaning and strict safety measures will be implemented for all food service operations. Physical distancing will be in place in both production and service areas following local health department guidelines, CDC recommendations, and university requirements. Tables are spaced apart to comply with physical distancing guidelines. All Dining Services employees (managers and associates) must attend mandatory training on COVID-19.
Before arrival each day, employees and managers will complete a self-assessment to protect campus health. Upon entering, all employees, managers, and vendors need to sign in and confirm they are symptom free. Everyone within the Johnson & Wales University community will be required to wear a face covering at all times within buildings. Plexiglass shields will be in place at all points of sale locations and pickup areas, tables will be cleaned between guest seating, and sanitizer stations will be available at the entrance of each area. Handwashing and surface sanitizing will take place every 30 minutes (set by timer).
How will dining be set up to ensure physical distancing?
Physical distancing will be in place in both production and service areas following local health department guidelines, CDC recommendations, and university requirements. Each location will have a maximum capacity. The use of physical distancing graphics will be in place in both the dining and production areas.
Will buffets continue to be available?
Self-serve options (salad bar, soup, pizza, etc.) will be removed and replaced with pre-packaged or employee served options.
How do I order in the dining halls?
All of our locations have physical distance floor markers and barriers between the registers. Students will use their own ID to swipe. You will not need to hand your ID over.

Food Allergies?    

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